Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DAY THREE: Who's on Third?

I think I finally got the swing of things today.

The usual (See I have a usual now.)

I had a sandwich! Actually it tasted good. It's a 12 grain bread with honey (and of course other stuff. But it's more substantial than white bread); although the turkey tastes like that chicken roll stuff I ate as a kid. Two clementines, cheesestick, handful of carrots, and bag of chips. (Lucky had his usual but added another clementine).

Was edible. But not our finest effort. Baked the two chicken breasts (slicing them in half to make four pieces. Half the chicken, half of $1 Green Giant green beans almondine, and half of a $1 Zateran's red beans & rice equals a "New Orleans" meal half good (Our oven did too good a job on baking the chicken and I didn't stir the rice enough. Oh well, we ate it.)

Would I have tossed the meal and started from scratch? Probably not. But I normally would have considered the thought a bit more than I did. Those chicken breasts may have been tough but I was TOUGHER.

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