Saturday, December 10, 2011

DAY SIX: I'm feeling like Mother Hubbard

Finished the rest of the cereal for breakfast. And brought a sandwich to work (the last of the bread). My husband combined leftovers: the orange pork and red beans & rice). We joined friends for dinner. It's been a tradition for NINETEEN YEARS. They make the turkeys and everyone else brings side dishes. With the addition of spouses and children, it's now a party of over 40 people! I usually bring a green bean casserole but because of the challenge, was not able to spend the money. I did bring a bottle of sangria soda that was unopened at Thanksgiving ($1.69).

It did feel a bit strange not being able to truly contribute to the meal this year. But I also did appreciate being surrounded by friends who love me. I know that not everyone in NJ has a strong support system of friends and family to help them survive.

I factored the meal into the budget and deducted $4 from the $60.

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