Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pasta!! Pasta!!

No, this is not about Little Caesar's broadening their menu. This is about Il Sogno Dolce celebrating its 1st Anniversary.

In celebration, all pasta dishes are only $10 on Thursday nights for the month of September. Did I mention that all of the pasta is made from scratch? Or that the sauces are as well? So for the same amount of money that it costs to go to Olive Garden, you can actually get something tasty.

By the way, the pastas aren't that expensive to begin with (usually $12-15). So grab your best pal, take along a bottle of wine, and head to Middlesex for some meat tortellini in a spicy tomato sauce, or fettucini in a fresh pesto. But wait... I almost forgot that there's also a lobster ravioli with lemon marscapone sauce and some others... arg. HOW TO DECIDE?!? Why must they all be so tasty?

3-13-13 Il Sogno Dolce is closed.

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